Author Promotion Begins With What Writers Do Best

Most writers believe that the most difficult aspect of being a writer is author promotion. Ideally, you sign a publishing contract right out of college and your publisher and agent take care of all of your promotional needs. However, for the other 99.99% of aspiring authors, author promotion is a more important aspect of success or failure as a writer than any aspect of the writing itself. The good news is that the advent of the Web brings with it a sweet swing of technical favor for writers. Written content is one of the best ways to promote anything on the Web, including all of your written works.

It Starts With an Author Website

Search engines and potential readers alike will judge you by your Web content. If you're not technically minded, building a website may seem like a difficult chore. Relax, there is plenty of online information about how to purchase a domain, get hosting suitable for writers, and download some simple templates you can use for the basic structure and design of your website. If you need additional help creating or marketing your website, there are plenty of options for that. So now you need only write content that will be understood by search engines and enjoyed by your site visitors.

“their products fail because they entertain the search engines with their website content, while providing trash that wastes the time of their site visitors”

From There It's All About Writing Content

The vast majority of non-writers who attempt to use content to sell their products fail because they entertain the search engines with their website content, while providing trash that wastes the time of their site visitors. This is where you have an advantage and an opportunity as a writer. Your advantage is that your specialty is providing content that your site visitors will enjoy. The opportunity is that those who do enjoy your writing will be compelled to purchase your other written works.

For this reason you should ensure that your website content is always up to the same standards as the works you're trying to promote. Likewise, your website content topics should either be similar to the contents of the works you're promoting, or be of interest to the same demographics as the works you're promoting.

You might be wondering how all of this will promote you as an author. When you write good content online, you are doing what marketers call branding. You are establishing yourself as a credible expert on your topic. You are also making your name a familiar one to your target market. If you're unfamiliar with the term 'target market', simply know that it describes the people for which you write.

Don't Neglect Sales

The best authors are typically modest about the quality of their works. If this describes you, this is a limitation you'll need to learn to turn into an advantage. Continue to be who you are and to let that show in the content you write.

The key is to not allow your personal modesty stop you from selling your work. Instead, make modesty a part of your sales technique. Be honest in your sales approach. Say how you feel about your works and what your intentions are as you invite the potential buyer to also judge whether your work provides the intended benefits.

Instead of doing the typical long sales pitch websites followed by a sales attempt at the end, provide constant buy now links throughout your content. You don't have to provide a hard sale, simply provide ample invitations to your readers to purchase your works. Your ability to do so in the form of good copy is what gives you a promotional advantage over every other type of online business.