Article Promotion for Authors

One of the best ways to promote your written works, and any other products you wish to sell, is to write content for others to use on their websites. There are thousands of people and businesses out their hiring writers to create site content, and thousands more looking for free site content. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself as an author. It is also a great opportunity to promote your website, which in turn will further promote you as an author.

The main thing you need to be concerned with is that your articles will have your name on them, preferrably accompanied by a link to one of your sites. For this reason, ghost writing and releasing private label rights articles are not typically a good form of article promotion. Instead, you want to write high quality content with your name and link on it. Ghostwriting pays well, but in the long run it pays less than name recognition. Your goal with article promotion is to create that name recognition that will put your written works in demand.

It is a good idea to publish articles on your own website as well. This will provide the content that attracts search engines and proves your mettle to your target market, or your readers. Because you are a writer and your reputation as a writer is on the line, you should never publish substandard writing on your own website.

Getting Your Articles Published on the Web

There are numerous ways to go about getting your articles published around the Web. The most prominent are the reprint article directories. These directories typically allow you to post your articles, along with your author resource box. Your author resource box is an opportunity to say who you are, to list your credentials, and to place a link back to your author website. This type of article promotion can be quite effective for both search engine promotion and customer referral. However, there are so many people doing this type of article promotion now that your article can get buried under a load of poorly written articles.

For the best results you can offer Web writing services from your author website. Charge a reasonable fee for quality articles that relate to the types of content you normally write, while requiring that all published content retain your name and website link. It is important to stick to writing about topics related to the area of expertise you want to establish. Staying relevant to your area of expertise will also give you a search engine boost.

If you are comfortable with sales, you may find some success offering your writing services to related websites for a reasonable fee. If the website has a high search engine ranking or is read heavily by your target market, you may even want to offer your services for free. Your primary goal, again, is to provide quality content that will be associated with your name and linked to your author website.

Article marketplaces are yet another option. These include contract writing work brokerages, contract writing work bidding sites, and article for sale sites. You may also find some success on bulletin boards and classifieds sites, especially those relating to your topic. Your options in all of these situations will vary greatly.

“great opportunity to promote yourself as an author”

Writing Your Articles

If you're an article writer by trade, you should have no problem writing articles to be published on other websites. However, if your trade is writing books, journalism, or technical writing, coming up with 300 to 1500 word articles that are suitable for publishing on the Web that will remain relevant for years may be a whole new experience for you. Web writing varies quite a bit from other types of writing, particularly in terms of format and flow.

It is important to note that there is no right or wrong type of content for the Web. In fact, the less common a content type, the greater the promotional opportunity you have. For example, most short articles on the Web right now, aside from those in news feeds, are either opinion pieces or how-to articles. So don't be discouraged from journaling online or from doing some creative writing for other websites.

One of the nice things about learning how to do article promotion online is that there are so many online educational resources for writers. If you prefer the old fashioned education by the book, there are also plenty of places on the Web where you can order books about writing. Everything you need to get started, from journaling how-to books to daily writing prompts are at your disposal. So you have little excuse not to get started writing articles to promote yourself as an author.